What do Volunteer Teams with Love on a Leash do?

Our goal is to generate smiles and to provide comfort to those in need.

Volunteers with Love on a Leash (LOAL) take family pets to visit residents in assisted living homes and Alzheimer facilities.

We visit patients in hospitals and Hospice care facilities.

Some of our pets and owners visit schools, libraries and care facilities to help children.

A LOAL Chapter is simply two or more
people who would like to participate,
together with their animals, individually
or in groups, in making visits. Chapters
often set up regular visits at various

Members may then choose to visit with
the group or visit on their own. A
chapter can be organized very loosely,
or be more structured. Either way, keep
it simple. LOAL was started with the
idea of making it possible for people
with qualified pets to participate. We
try not to over-regulate.

Tale Waggers program